Class: Telling Better Stories
Wish you were better able to speak your truth to power, to show and tell your own unique stories in compelling, uplifting, thought provoking ways? Does a part of you long to move beyond making pretty pictures of pretty things to making exquisite, compelling stories that include pictures and ideas capable of inspiring and moving people?  
Photographs pull us instantly through time and space into moments we would never be able experience otherwise. They have the ability to invest us in those moments, infer their meanings and help us relate. When they manage that, when they somehow transport us past the mere notion of ‘what’ and into those deliciously nuanced realms of when, why, and how, our photos become far more than image alone. They become ‘story.’ 
We love stories. We love the ways they inform us, entertain us, inspire us. We seek them out for their ability to enlarge our worlds and we attempt to tell them so that we may share our experiences with others. 
Colors and patterns, shapes and textures, juxtapositions and carefully selected words; you can learn to create visual feasts far more compelling than meals of words, alone. 
If you would like to learn to make pictures that tell better stories come, join us. This is the class for you.

In ancient times, those with the storyteller’s gift were the shamans of their tribes. They were magicians who could somehow help pull all of those disparate threads within a community’s existence together, helping them to make sense, weaving them into understandings that both guided and enhanced their communities. This unique storyteller's gift earned them a respected role within the community. They became in some small way the spiritual rudders of their community’s ship. 
Storytelling is a high calling and learning making pictures that inform and move others beyond that 'Ooohh, pretty!' stage is something many of us aspire to. Give yourself the gift of becoming a better storyteller. Join master photographer/storyteller, David Perry as we explore ways to imbue your pictures with story, making them more powerful, more fascinating and ever so much more memorable.
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