" I'm sure you have received a flood of emails about yesterday, but let my add my kudos for giving us the joy of hearing David Perry's presentation.  In my estimation, the best program I have ever enjoyed at the Garden Club! "

This response was generously forwarded on to me after a recent presentation of my lecture "In The Garden of HIs Imagination", at the Santa Barbara Art Museum for the Santa Barbara Garden Club.

Northwest Flower & Garden Show

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: How To Share Your Garden’s Story And Make A Difference 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 10:00 AM
Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle

We gardeners spend far more time working quietly behind the scenes than walking onstage to the sound of applause and the bright lights of recognition but that doesn’t mean, even if we’re shy, that we wouldn’t occasionally enjoy getting our gardens and our gardening efforts a little more attention. Especially in a world where the ecological stakes for our cities and neighborhoods, for the very planet we are leaving to our neighbors and children, and our grandchildren are growing ever higher and more consequential. Finding better ways for each of us to tell our garden’s unique and very personal stories is a perfect way to spread the word, to encourage others and help them imagine, and perhaps even modify their yards and gardens to become part of a beautiful solution rather than part of the problem. Through our gardens we have a chance to create ecological havens, feed ourselves and our families, spark imaginations and make a real and beautiful difference in the world we occupy daily. 
Photographer and storyteller, David Perry has wrestled with these concepts quite deliberately over the past few years while gathering and creating hundreds of images for ‘The Northwest Garden Manifesto: Create, Restore, and Maintain a Sustainable Yard,’ his new book with author, John J. Albers, published by Skipstone, an imprint of Mountaineers Books. 
As the photographer, the visual storyteller for someone else’s written book, David's job is to show rather than tell, to help inspire and inform readers through pictures, adding aesthetic and emotional and context to many of those things that the author is attempting to explain with words. Which makes him an ideal source of insight and information for others who would like to learn to do more of the same. Join David as he shares imagery and tales from this most recent storytelling collaboration and others, and in that process shows you several ways to add more playfulness and imagination to your own Northwest garden, storytelling pictures. Whether through your Facebook or your Instagram, or through correspondence with friends, or your own blog, finding ways to ‘show’ the magic that you see and feel within your garden, or the gardens you visit, will absolutely change the dynamic between you and your audience, pulling them in and adding weight to your stories. It will definitely help you garner a bit more of that elusive attention for your garden and multiply the effects for good that it and you create within your little corner of the world.
 Do you feel a sense of purpose in your garden; a desire to contribute to your family’s health and that of the community and the planet? Discover ways to ‘show’ the magic that you feel within your garden to best share it on your social media, so others might emulate what you’ve done! Finding better ways to tell your garden’s unique stories is a perfect way to spread the word, to encourage others to perhaps modify their gardens to become part of a beautiful solution rather than part of the problem. In this lavishly illustrated discussion, photographer David Perry will inspire you on ways to share your own garden’s story.
GardenPRO Conference 
@Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Friday, February 9, 2018, 12:15 PM
Northwest Flower & Garden Show, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle
It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have—you can learn to make stunning plant portraits and compose better photos with just a handful of easy to understand principals. And using some relatively easy and invaluable apps, you can enhance those photos so they look like they’ve been taken by a professional garden photographer. 
David Perry is an inspirational Seattle-based garden photographer who loves to use his garden photos to tell stories. Learn how seeing better pictures in your mind’s eye will improve the photos you actually capture, and how to avoid many common pitfalls. He’ll show you how you can best share the story of your work with prospective clients or editors to really capture their imagination and attention. https://www.seattlegardenpro.com/session/from-meh-to-wow-take-photos-to-really-sell-your-work/
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