Working with Cherie Shepard Hembree during a workshop in the Washington Park Arboretum

Working with Cherie Shepard Hembree during a workshop in the Washington Park Arboretum. Photo by Gail Jackson Brown.

Few things please me more than working with others to help them find their photographic voices and refine their craft as storytellers. These private workshop sessions are custom fit to you, your strengths, interests and weaknesses, and can take many forms, depending on your preferred learning style, level of proficiency and location, relative to Seattle. I gladly work with students in my own garden and/or, in other photogenic locations within the region. I also travel in order to work with a student in a particular place that they really want to work in. Whatever our agreed-upon location we will begin our interactions with a one-on-one, show-and-tell, where you send me a half dozen or more images that you are really proud of as well as a handful of images that left you really frustrated, knowing that you missed capturing what you wanted us to see and feel. These glimpses into your photographic journey help me to both understand your strengths and begin to formulate a plan to move through some of the areas where you're feeling stuck. As coach and cheerleader I can help you refine your eye and help you empower yourself in the areas where you feel bound up. Once we have a shared understanding of our goals, we set our plan for photo shoot.

If this sounds like the sort of learning adventure that would fit the way you learn, contact me and we can begin the process.

Private workshops begin at $250 for show-and-tell analysis, telephone or "FaceTime" interview and 2-3 hour shoot session.

    Why yes, of course you can give someone a workshop as a gift.

Thank you!
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