Praise for David's Lectures & Workshops:
"I've finally decompressed after a full week and reflected on an extraordinary workshop with photographers, David E. Perry and Saxon Holt at John Albers Vista Gardens, in Puget Sound. 
The experience was like having coffee with Bob Dylan. It was like doing lunch with Lady Gaga. And a good pint of stout with Paul McCartney. It was mind bending day of lessons, full of mental seeds, as Saxon would say, a bit of seriousness and playfulness. You know you are with the masters when they elevate the nuts a bolts to a much higher level. 
Savoring these moments and all these riches, is always best when shared, and it was. Two fantastic designer friends were there, Vanessa Gardner, thank you being more than gracious, so many laughs and Ann Wiggins, you were a dear to make room for me. They impressed me with their skill, grace and style. Lucky me!
The next day was the top of my bucket list, Kubota Gardens. Imagine my delight, David gave me behind the scenes tour. The storytelling of its origins and complexities was truly spellbinding, I do love hearing all the angst and struggles of what it takes to keep it going this gem polished. 
Part of the tour was David’s garden, I spotted his masterpiece from a city mile. Magical is an understatement, every inch treated with the intensity of master who so gets layers. So many delights and wonders there, I can see why he has thousands visiting on his garden tour. The hummingbirds danced, there was with much listening and sharing. The joy of a cold one, or two, reclining and reflecting. I was humbled by insights, grace, humility and kindness. 
And what a delight beautiful Mary was, so gracious and charming in every way, and thank you two for pushing the envelop right up to the end, and yes I love roasted squash on pizza at your local Bistro. Who knew? Thank you, thank you."
Landscape Architect, Ann Johnson of Ann Johnson Design, Atlanta, GA
"I'm sure you have received a flood of emails about yesterday, but let my add my kudos for giving us the joy of hearing David Perry's presentation. In my estimation, the best program I have ever enjoyed at the Garden Club!"  This response was shared with me after my presentation of "In The Garden of HIs Imagination", at the Santa Barbara Art Museum for the Santa Barbara Garden Club.
"Seriously. Do Not miss his talk. I went to his talk at Northwest Flower and Garden Show and was blown away. It was one of the most meditative, poetic, beautiful experiences I've attended. I couldn't have asked for a better way to calm myself & forgive myself ahead of getting on stage right after him. Then again, I had to follow his amazing photography with my mediocre work, but his words about self-forgiveness, acceptance & finding our own beauty helped me be totally A-ok with that. David E. Perry is one of my heroes now."  Robin Haglund
"With a teacher's heart and an artist eye David will take an audience to a new level in how to approach photography. Even the non-photography-minded listeners will leave with a new perspective on how to view everyday life around them." Barbara Wise from Tennessee
"You could hear a pin drop..."  David was a keynote speaker at the Garden Writers Association meeting at the 2011 Northwest Flower & Garden Show. His presentation was thoughtful, humorous and thought-provoking. Rave reviews from the will be tough for us to 'top it' in 2012.  Barry Bartlett, Seattle, WA
"I've had the pleasure of listening to David present twice now and learned so much each time. He presents photography information in such a way that you leave convinced that you and your little camera, however humble, are capable of taking great pictures. Highly recommend." Carol Michel, Indianapolis, IN
"Witty, compelling storyteller that takes the intimidation out of photography. As a new hobbyist, I have taken other photography classes and seminars. David ranks up there with the best of the best. Can't wait to head outside and lay in the dirt with my camera"! Michele Kemper, Issaquah, WA
Here are some excerpts from audience reviews of David Perry's seminar, "Mastering Digital Point-and-Shoot Cameras" at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. 
" I needed this knowledge and I came away empowered. I used to take good pictures, now I will be able to take great digital photos." "What a fantastic talk! I hope you will bring David back again for everyone who might have missed this often needed talk." "This was a special treat! Full of fun and energy and David explained cameras and photography so that even I understood. Thank you for having him --Bring him back!"  Janet Endsley, Seminar Manager/NW Flower and Garden Show"
"I attended David Perry's talk at the GWA Symposium in Dallas. He taught us how to make our photographs less boring by looking at our subjects with different eyes. I don't consider myself a garden photographer, but I take lots of photos. His presentation was wonderful: great slides, beautiful photographs, fun and engaging delivery. I would not hesitate to recommend David Perry to any audience!"  Katie Elzer-Peters, Wilmington, NC
"I just had the fortune to be front row, center, for your inspiring, irreverent, and way too short presentation at the NWF&G Show. Checked out your website last week when deciding which seminars to attend. Going to read every word of it when I get back home...Thanks for an amazing talk!" Barbara, North Pole, AK.
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