Home: this is where the heart is... West Seattle

Last light on one of the longest days of the year. Rain clouds moving in. Bellevue Botanical Garden.

Snowfall at Kubota: Moonbridge, reflecting pond and mountainside. February 11, 2019.

Eric's wonderland stream...

Elusive, retired senior gardener, Don Brooks and gardener/volunteer Keith Kelley pruning a Japanese Black Pine in Kubota Garden.

Maples and morning glory, Kubota Garden, October 26

Private Garden: A botanical masterpiece by Daniel Mount

Japanese Black Pine, Kubota Garden, early March, 2017

Moonlit. Porchlit. Rosa 'Francois Juranville' in the wee hours of a midsummer night...

Kubota Garden, May 9

Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham, N.C.

Quarryhill Botanical Garden, Sonoma, early March 

Sunrise: Stacie Crooks' courtyard garden

Kubota Garden, last day of, 2016

Beneath a full, June moon: 2:00 AM, Waverly's white rose garden.

Albers Vista Garden, Bremerton, WA

The Birdwatcher's House

Deborah Ellman Garden, Seattle

Stacie Crooks' personal garden, Edmonds, WA

Stacie Crooks' stunning, textural, side garden...

Heart Bridge in snowstorm: Kubota Garden, February 11, 2019

Seattle Chinese Garden: workshop promotional poster

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