Home: this is where the heart is... West Seattle

Kubota Garden, October 26

Private Garden: A botanical masterpiece by Daniel Mount

Kubota Garden, early March, 2017

Stacie Crooks' personal garden, Edmonds, WA

Rosa 'Francois Juranville' in moonlight and porchlight...

Kubota Garden, May 9

Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham, N.C.

Quarryhill Botanical Garden, Sonoma, early March 

Sunrise: Stacie Crooks' courtyard garden.

Kubota Garden, last day of, 2016

Britt's salmon spawn and lower, creekside garden...
2:00 AM: Waverly's white rose garden by the light of a full June moon.
Albers Vista Garden, Bremerton, WA

The Birdwatcher's house

Stacie Crooks' stunning, textural, side garden...

Workshop promotional poster

Ellman Garden, Seattle

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