Garden Landscapes

One does not 'take' a garden's picture so much as enter into a conversation with it.

Home: this is where the heart is...
Rosa 'Francois Juranville' in moonlight and porchlight...
Stacie Crooks' courtyard garden.
Stacie Crooks' stunning, textural, side garden...
Britt's lower, creekside garden...
Abandoned road. Lonely apple tree.
Like a shaman standing sentry beside a road that goes nowhere. "You are already there,' it seems to say. 'You already have everything you need. Make fruit. Be happy. Share generously...'
Dawn in the Deschutes Canyon, my favorite wild garden: @ The Bend of The Sleeping Elephant.
Waverly's white rose garden by the light of a full June moon.
Albers Vista Garden, Bremerton, WA

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