Visitors at my back door.

No matter the time of year, visitors to my garden will invariably find a fresh cut bouquet gracing the back door, a deliberate nod to observe and honor whatever magic is unfolding ...or fading in the garden at the time.

VooDoo Lily and me...
Rosa 'Maid of Kent'

March 20, 2017: Helleborus and Leucojum

iPhone image of Maid of Kent roses with Rosa 'Scentimental' as the guest of honor...

Rosa 'Maid of Kent' is the most generous rose in my garden...

Angels' Trumpets, dahlias, Solomon's Seal and fading hostas. About the time for frosts.

Helenium and carrot seed...

Dracunculus vulgaris 'VooDoo Lily'

Late summer: Fennel and carrot flowers with asters.

Who says a bouquet has to be flowers?

Alkanet, columbine, rocket and golden hops...

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