I walked alone, whispering my greetings to the songbirds whose paths I crossed, a wren, a hummingbird, dozens of robins and in the perimeter bramble, an elusive handful of sparrows. 

Intermittent rain drops surrendered, energy gathered in miles-long tumbles, against my cheeks and jacket while cool breezes began evaporating them almost immediately, returning them to the clouds from whence they’d come.

I had not expected to be invited into this conversation between the magnolia and its wall, but there you have it. They asked me to pause with them as the light faded and I felt honored to comply. 

I could not help but admire the way they cared for one another, different as they are. It seems a common trait among friendships...

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Blue Mountains, Eastern Washington (iPhone 7+)

The birds consistently tell me about the energy I'm putting out. They seem to be able to sense whether I am a threat, a friend or a mere companion.

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