Mt. St. Helens at sunset.

Mount St. Helens at sunset, late June.

Mt. St. Helens within the glow of a quarter moon and beneath a starry sky...

Sunrise, Mt. St. Helens and meadow.

Looking south toward LaGrande, OR from Growiser Grande Ronde Overlook. More wildflowers than you can imagine.

Mules Ears and Sulphur Lupine, near Elgin, OR.

Mountain Lady's-slippers and smallflower miterworts in whispered conversation.

After the rains. Mountain Lady's-Slipper (Cypripedium montanum).

Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan, Ptarmigan Ridge
Moose Lake, Olympic National Park
Mount Rainier National Park

The Sleeping Elephant: Dawn in the Deschutes River Canyon

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