Willie Wood, artist, wheat farmer.

Melissa Feveyear, owner, designer, Terra Bella Flowers

Max Gill, floral designer

Austin contemplates his next move...

Steve Hutton, rancher

Jasper and Elora, still yours.

Alexander Ginzburg, Soviet poet, dissident: When I asked him to stand near the wall he took a deep breath and shifted his weight. "In my country those who oppose the government are asked to stand against the wall." he said.

I gulped, nervously and replied that this could prove a very symbolic portrait. He nodded politely and moved across the hotel room. Slowly he removed his glasses and fell into an absolutely serene pose. I exposed just two frames and told him it was enough. He put his glasses back, studied me for a moment and then spoke. "While I was standing there", he paused, "I was thinking of how I would want to look if I were still in Russia standing against the wall, waiting to be shot. This is the look I gave you." he said.

Running the puppy, Schott Ranch, eastern Montana

Poet, author, teacher, David Whyte

Jasper, grandson, vegetable gardener

Force of nature...

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