Viburnum dilatatum ‘Michael Dodge’
Lucifer and Evelyn, forbidden love...

They were a choir, blending their soft, warm voices within a cathedral of fading summer light.
Peonies, LeAnne Goulding, Terra Design

Japanese Black Pine, Pinus thunbergii
Portrait of a poet: purple cabbage, the garden at dusk.
Crocosmia lucifer speaks to lavender about red...
Sugar Snap Peas, early morning light...
Tree Peony: some flowers, like some people, become even more beautiful as they begin to fade and fall apart...
Western Columbine, NE Oregon.
...a veritable succulent tapestry
Mountain Lady's-Slippers in silent woods: Cypripedium montanum

Aruncus dioicus, aka, Goat's beard

Japanese persimmon, late October, Albers Vista Gardens
a painterly interpretation...

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